OTT Platforms will look different Zezo! Juicy Details

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Best Things About Ott Platform Development Company

In today’s times, OTT platforms significantly win over the usual TV and streaming sites. People no longer prefer going out to enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Watching from the comfort of their homes is the preferred choice. While OTT keeps rising in demand, it is exciting to watch how they develop and which OTT platform provides the larger benefit for the audience. 

Earlier, Youtube or Vimeo was used as a medium to launch shows and sell movies. After the initiation of the OTT platform development business, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video seem to take over the general norm. OTTs also tend to cater to a certain type of audience for their platforms. The target audience of Netflix is different from the target audience of Hulu or Amazon Prime video for that matter. 

There is rapid growth in the OTT video streaming market, which is expected to grow. By 2020, it was estimated that around half of all internet traffic will be from OTT services, and by 2025, this number will rise to 90%. As of 2021, the global Over-the-Top (OTT) Platform market was valued at USD 615.34 million and is expected to reach USD 1375.45 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 14.35%. 

The competition keeps getting intense and Zezo is here to help the OTT platforms ace the game of launching and promotions.

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Well, the interesting fact is that, with the booming OTT platforms, the competition increases and the challenges are extreme. OTTs need to take care of content production, in-app promotions, pitching their target audience persistently, and keeping in check that the audio/video quality is outstanding. Falling short in quality or marketing can easily affect the growth of the app as there are many other OTTs that can overtake them. 

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Here’s how Zezo comes into the picture! Zezo aims to stay ahead of the curve and help these platforms with everything. Be it production or promotion, Zezo’s got everything at affordable prices. 

But what exactly is ZEZO? 

Zezo is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that provides OTT Platform Development and other OTT services like Analytics, Deployment, AVOD & SVOD, and Monetization. It was founded by three entrepreneurs, Indian film director Mr. Dev Desai, Digital marketing expert Ms. Kavita Prajapati, and Web Specialist Mr. Pukhraj Dhamu. 

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They are in the industry for 5 years and have helped around 100 OTT platforms across the world to shift their market dynamics and increase their performance. With a vivid experience in the industry, they have an edge over most OTT service providers in Mumbai. With their digital marketing services, they also ensure that SEO, SMM, and other issues get resolved. Along with that, Zezo also helps OTTs with advertising, video, and audio production. Additionally, Zezo’s OTT support includes Ecommerce SEO and development. In the arena of digital marketing, they also promote OTTs through Hotstar advertising, Truecaller promotions as well as youtube branding. This makes Zezo a one-stop solution for all the problems that are faced by OTT platforms.

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The team of professionals at Zezosoft love to partner with good businesses to help them achieve online success. Their proficient team of developers ensures that the OTT platform looks sleek with their UI/UX development, the service and delivery are on-time, 24/7 support remains available and in-app marketing works super efficiently.

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Zezo has recently made marks by launching FutureTV as an OTT platform at the Filmfare awards. They are undoubtedly one of the most efficient OTT service providers in and around Mumbai. With their all-encompassing support services, an OTT startup is sure to reach heights in the global market.

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